Barry LaValley Globally

Barry LaValley has taken both his retirement and Life-first approach programs globally over the past decade. “I see a lot of similarities between advisers around the world”, he says. “While there might be some financial differences such as taxation, retirement vehicles etc. at the end of the day, people are people”.

In the course of his travel, Barry has worked on behalf of Moody’s Analytics in Mainland China and India. His work with Dimensional Fund Advisers has taken him to Viet Nam, Fiji, Great Britain, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. He has partnered with Dimensional and Loring Ward in the US and has worked with several major financial institutions on programs in Canada.

Upcoming, Barry will help new Indian Advisers understand how to communicate more effectively with their clients on behalf of Moody’s and the Times of India. He will continue his work on retirement in Australia and New Zealand with several visits planned for 2019. Finally, Barry will visit both Dubai and South Africa for the first time later in 2019 to deliver programs.

Addition to the above: Both of Barry's books are available in several countries with his retirement book tailored to specific markets in Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand. The Life-first Adviser( co-written with David Haintz) has been launched globally.

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